Technique of volatile hydride generation still belongs to very popular methods in AAS. Commonly used atomizer is a heated quartz T-tube. The heating can be realized by flame or more advantageously by electricity. The heating of T-tube by flame is not advantageous because of long term working costs, since the tube is relatively quickly worn. Second disadvantage is the inability of setting the optimal temperature for the atomization of particular hydride. Electrical heating of T-tube atomizer thus brings undisputed advantages and our company has supplied it for almost all types of AA spectrometers for number of years. This method however still doesn’t solve some other negative characteristics of this type of atomizer, for instance changes in sensitivity, low linearity of calibrations, but especially the big influence of inter elemental interferences of As-Se type, etc.

These problems are eliminated by new type of quartz atomizer – Microflame multiatomizer, designed by Dědina and Matoušek. Our company now comes with new instrument for hydride atomization AEHT-01, which exclusively uses this new patented type of quartz atomizer. The AEHT-01 instrument is supplied in modifications for all types of spectrometers of companies GBC, Varian, Unicam, Perkin, Elmer, Analytik Jena and Zeiss AAS3.

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