• Decontamination of FFP3 and FFP2 reusable respirators without risk of reducing their effectiveness
  • Fast and effective biological decontamination of equipment-intensive areas (operating theatres, ICUs, control centres, critical infrastructure)
  • Rapid and effective biological decontamination of transport vehicles including helicopters, ambulances, etc.
  • Decontamination of shipments from critical areas, decontamination of warehouses, etc.

Cleamix is a compact mobile system for highly effective disinfection/biological decontamination (also applicable for chemical decontamination). It is very relevant in the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concentrated dry hydrogen peroxide vapour is used for disinfection and decontamination. This is the only highly effective and fast enough system to deal with biological decontamination of critical infrastructures, the efectivity is 99.9999% (6 Log) and it can also be used to decontaminate technology, electronic equipment etc. This principle has been used for a long time, but the problem was the low efficiency of the commonly used hydrogen peroxide vapour generators (the equipment was large, heavy and consumed a lot of energy and hydrogen peroxide itself). Cleamix came up with a revolutionary technology that allows 20 times more efficient vaporization of hydrogen peroxide, and 80% less hydrogen peroxide consumption. This made it possible to construct a very efficient compact and easily portable device that also allows complete automation of the entire process. The main innovation lies not only in the high efficiency of the vaporization, but also in the full control of the entire process. The device uses a special sensor that measures hydrogen peroxide concentration, temperature and humidity in real time. This makes it possible to control the vaporization process very precisely and achieve the maximum relative saturation of hydrogen peroxide vapor while eliminating micro-condensation or vapor condensation. However, the user can also select a variant for micro-condensation technology in the software or operate in condensation mode with the addition of other substances (e.g. ammonia for the decontamination of nerve agents, including VX).

What the Cleamix device offers:

  • Very simple operation
  • Destroys with high efficiency all biological contaminants (tested on a wide range of bacteria, viruses etc.) and a range of chemical substances (nerve agents etc.).
  • Works at low temperatures (normal room temperatures)
  • The entire process can be validated
  • Compatible with a wide range of materials
  • The process is environmentally friendly
  • Leaves no residue on materials (only water vapour and oxygen)

You can see how the device works in the following short video:

The Cleamix is a compact system (portable in a suitcase, depending on the type the weight is between 8 and 11 kg), which is able to develop a high concentration of dry hydrogen peroxide vapour in a very short time (up to 1725 ppm/min/m3 with a hydrogen peroxide solution consumption of only 3 ml/min). Thus, it is possible to quickly create and also stably maintain a high vapour concentration in the disinfected area, for example, for the destruction of viruses such as SARS or Covid-19, a concentration of at least 350, and better still exceeding 400 ppm is required.

The individual Cleamix units are scalable. It is possible to have a basic Master unit and this can control up to 50 additional units, so it is possible to decontaminate large areas in a very short time. One Cleamix unit can effectively disinfect a space from 400 to 800 m3 (depending on conditions). The master unit can also control an external fan unit with HEPA filter and a catalytic conversion module (allowing the decontaminated space to be ventilated to the interior of the building - eliminating residual concentrations of hydrogen peroxide). Communication is possible via WiFi or Ethernet cable. Similarly, remote control from a PC is possible over the network or via WiFi (also possible from a tablet or phone).

Decontamination of FFP3 and FFP2 class reusable respirators without the risk of reducing their effectiveness. Decontamination of other protective equipment (protective suits, shields, etc.).

In the context of the Cocid-19 pandemic, a completely new application for decontamination techniques using dry hydrogen peroxide vapour technology has emerged - decontamination of FFP2 (N95), FFP3 and other reusable personal protective equipment (PPE). Most countries still face a critical shortage of all PPE essential for the operation of all health care facilities. Researchers from Duke University in the USA have published a paper entitled "Decontamination and Reuse of N95 Respirators with Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor to Address Worldwide Personal Protective Equipment Shortages During the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Pandemic". They describe here that for N95 class respirators at least 30 times reuse (and probably more) is possible without a reduction in filtration capacity. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has already published data on its website on the possible decontamination of reusable M95 respirators. Technologies using hydrogen peroxide vapor (VHP) showed by far the highest decontamination efficiency without damaging the respirator. It is the only technology that has a 6-log efficiency (99.9999%) verified on bioindicators. Read more here.

The Cleamix device allows the same application, plus a very flexible design.

Because the master units can control both a HEPA filtered ventilator and a catalytic converter to remove peroxide residues, it is easy to set up a decontamination room even in conventional hospital buildings. But if necessary, Cleamix can also be used immediately for decontamination of critical infrastructures (operating theatres, ICUs, etc.) or for decontamination of ambulance interiors. Cleamix currently offers the highest efficiency in relation to the size of the equipment as well as the lowest peroxide consumption (1 litre for more than 5 hours of operation) and electricity consumption (800 W). It can be used quickly to solve biological decontamination problems, which, according to recent experience in Italy and Spain, is a major problem.

On request we can provide you with a complete detailed presentation and other materials (efficacy studies on different bio agents, certificates for decontamination of aerial vehicles and other reports).

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