The new generation of the back scatter detector is new in our range of mobile instruments. The PX1 was developed by the American company VIDERAY in close cooperation with MIT University in Boston. It is currently the newest back scatter detector on the market (3rd generation) and brings a number of innovations compared to the current generation of back scatter detectors.

An X-ray source is integrated in the body of the device, which emits X-rays towards the scanned object. The back-reflected radiation from the scanned object is then captured by the detector, processed by software on an integrated computer and displayed on the LCD display of the scanner. User can view the internal structure of the object right away, meaning that the operator sees an instantaneous image of the internal structure of the object as it is being scanned.
The device is designed primarily for the detection of narcotics, explosives, weapons and contraband (smuggling of money, medicines...) in shipments, luggage, vehicles, aircraft, waste containers. It can be used to locate hidden wires and electronic structures in walls, hidden cavities with contraband, etc.
NEW An additional MTP+ transmission detector is now also available for the PX1, which significantly expands the analysis possibilities.
Typical applications:
  • Customs inspection
  • Security of government facilities and persons
  • VIP security
  • EOD teams, Police, drug search
  • Security checks
  • Aviation and aviation security
  • Public transport security
Essential technical features:
  • Uses a 140 keV X-ray energy (other simiar devices have a maximum energy of 120 keV), thus achieving a greater penetration depth and higher contrast - wider range of applications. Penetration depth is up to 6 mm of steel (ability to image an object beyond 6 mm of steel).
  • Larger and more sensitive INFINITY detector that generates higher quality images while allowing for faster scanning speeds
  • the ability to scan from a greater distance, so it is possible to scan, for example, an entire car seat at once, etc.
  • Higher scanning speeds - important when inspecting cars etc.
  • new unique patented shielding - less radiation exposure to the operator, more safety (the operator is exposed to the same radiation dose during 10 hours of work with the PX1 detector as during an hour-long flight in an airplane at 10,000 m altitude)
  • more powerful computing system, the system works on the latest Android platform - full connectivity to the cloud, easy image sharing
  • high quality and large 18cm LCD display, 1920x1080 pixels resolution, 700 nits brightness - high quality images directly on the device, no need to export to external devices.
  • Wide connectivity options - Bluetooth, WiFi, LTE
  • high quality evaluation algorithms, powerful control software
  • 6 hours of operation on one battery, very fast start-up after replacement
  • integrated 8.5 megapixel video camera with video recording capability
  • Two integrated line lasers for scan area display, integrated dual LED illumination for low-light operation
  • High durability: Operating conditions: -20 to 60 °C, rain, snow and wind resistant
  • High safety: complies with ANSI, ICRP, NCRP and Eurotam radiation safety regulations. The instrument has a built-in series of safety switches and indicators to prevent accidental X-ray exposure.
  • Very easy to operate: operator training time is typically 15 to 20 minutes
If you are interested in a demonstration of the instrument or more detailed information, please contact us.
An information brochure is available for download at the bottom of this page.
Further information can also be found on the manufacturer's website, VIDERAY.
A basic introduction to VIDERAY can be seen below.

Video with a short introduction to the operation of the device

Additional MTP+ transmission detector

The MTP+ is an additional X-ray detector that can be used to supplement the PX1 backscatter detector with a transmission display, thus adding to the information that the user obtains during the measurement. The additional detector can be used in cases where there is a suitable space behind the sample for the detector to be placed and the sample character allows the transmission of X-rays. The detector has its own battery and is connected wirelessly to the PX1 unit. When using it, the user scans the object using the main unit, which at the same time records the transmission image from the additional detector. The transmission and backscatter views are complementary, so the user gets very complete information about the object being scanned. The figures below demonstrate its use and the transmission image, which is complemented by the backscatter image from the PX1 detector.
Demonstration of the use of MTP+
Comparison of the backscatter image from PX1 and the transmission image from the complementary MTP+ detector
Advantages of the MTP+ detector:
  • Precision imaging technology that allows illumination through of up to 25 mm of steel
  • Good field usability - detector connects wirelessly, has its own battery, meets IP67 and MIL Spec 810G standards.
  • Modular design
  • Lightweight and compact carbon fiber detector
  • Slim profile - detector thickness is only 16 mm
For more information about the MTP+ add-on detector, please visit the manufacturer's website.

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