SIGIS 2 device (manufacturer - Bruker Optik Company, Germany) is a new technology, that uses passive infrared absorption spectrometry and allows concurrent spatial scanning. One by one, the infrared spectra are measured, where the atmosphere or the background terrain are used as a source of infrared light (passive technology). Further an area is scanned with low spatial angle. You get an image (a map), where each point has a full IR spectrum acquired by FT IR spectrometer with high resolution (examples of the methanol and ammonia spectra are shown on picture 1). It is thus able to detect the presence of dangerous substances and gain information about their distribution and their spreading through terrain. In case there are two SIGIS instruments scanning the area at the same time from different places, it is possible to get 3D information about the distribution and spreading of pollutants in the area.

Picture 1: Examples of methanol and ammonia spectra.

SIGIS 2 device consists of scanning unit with parabolic mirror and a fast FT IR spectrometer. It can be placed in a car (picture 2), a helicopter (picture 3) or on a well chosen stationary place.

Picture 2: SIGIS 2 in a car

Picture 3: SIGIS 2 in a helicopter

The device allows not only identification, but can also estimate concentration. Typical outputs are on pictures 4 and 5.

Picture 4: Example of identification from SIGIS 2

Picture 5: Example of quantification output from SIGIS 2

Picture 6 demonstrates high sensitivity; the device is able to detect even the presence of alcohol in the exhaled vapor during rock concert.

Picture 6: Demonstration of high sensitivity of SIGIS 2

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