Gemini is a unique mobile spectrometer from Thermo Scientific (USA). Both the Raman spectrometer including a flexible probe (FD RMX) and the FT-IR spectrometer (similar to the TD FTX) are integrated in one instrument. Thus, there is a device that offers the widest possible range of analyses for substances with vibrating molecular spectrum. The Raman spectrometer enables non-contact measurements, including measurements via transparent and semi-transparent packaging, while the FT IR spectrometer enables the analysis of very small quantities, the analysis of swabs or substances that show extremely strong fluorescence when using Raman spectrometry. Many innovations in this spectrometer are also associated with operational safety, so it is possible to safely measure practically the entire range of explosive and temperature-sensitive samples.

Raman's spectrometer with excitation laser 785 nm offers the most versatile solution in Raman spectrometry (excellent compromise between sensitivity, spectral range, spectral resolution, sample heating and luminescence) and integrated FT-IR spectrometer with top parameters in the field of mobile spectrometers (a number of unique technologies ensuring very good spectral resolution, small dimensions and very high spectrometer resistance). The spectrometer is equipped with armored optical probe on Raman spectrometer by default, which allows contactless measurement in less accessible places. Raman spectrum can also be measured in the integrated vial holder. New Low DoseID: the spectrometer can be equipped with special drug analysis software (focused on low concentrations of active substances in complex mixtures) and an optimized SERS attachment for measuring low concentrations of substances and for detecting samples with fluorescence. Thermo has been using its own SERS substrates for many years to detect narcotics on its TruNarc device. For more details, see the brochure and application sheet below.
The FT-IR spectrometer is equipped with a diamond ATR with a motorized pressure strap, which allows the sample to be automatically pressed with a precisely defined force on the ATR. This is again a completely unique solution that is not yet available even on laboratory systems and which significantly simplifies the operation of the spectrometer. The spectrometer library contains more than 16,000 unique spectras. User can alsoeasily expand both the Raman library and the FT-IR library. The spectrometer software contains a number of unique and patented algorithms that ensure correct measurement even under very different ambient conditions (the technology was developed primarily for the U.S. Military and Security Forces) and high reliability of substance determination, including possible mixtures. The spectrometer is controlled by a very powerful internal PC and is equipped with a large graphic touch LCD that meets army standards (it is not a classic touch LCD) and can be controlled in protective gloves. However all functions of the spectrometer can be controlled simultaneously from integrated keys. The spectrometer is very durable and meets the demanding requirements of the MIL 810G standard.
The spectrometer with all the above characteristics has a mass of less than 2 kg and allows several hours of continuous battery operation. The user of this spectrometer gets his hands on a very powerful mobile laboratory for the identification of substances. HAZMASTER C3 software can also be installed on the spectrometer, which provides a number of additional information on the potential hazards associated with identified substances.
Technical parameters:

  • weight 1.9 kg
  • dimensions 25.6 x 14.6 x 6.1 cm
  • library: more than 16,000 substances
  • battery and power: 3.7V Lithium ion battery, power adapter, or CR123A battery
  • operating temperature -200 °C to +500 °C

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