Nanofinder S

Nanofinder S

Nanofinder S is a multifunction 3D scanning confocal microscope with unique spectrometric unit, that allows multifunction micro structural 3D analysis with high spatial and spectral resolution. You can use 2D optical microscopy with high resolution, 3D laser, 3D luminescence and 3D Raman microscopy in a single system. A combined information can be easily measured from an identical spot and with the use of a low energy laser (unique energetic permeability of the system).

Characteristics of the new generation of the multifunction system Nanofinder S


System is designed to achieve maximum energetic permeability


  • Optimized of all optical elements – “big” mirrors and gratings, choice of ten types of “coatings” by spectral area, reflectivity of all mirrors better than 97%


Very high spatial resolution


  • Lateral (XY) better than 200 nm
  • Z resolution better than 500 nm

High scanning speed with great reproducibility and scan linearity


  • Galvanostatic scanning with speeds of 1000x1000 points in 3s
  • When combined with high energy throughput and sensitive cameras, it is possible to scan real Raman map 1000x1000 points in 4s

High spectral resolution with low energy losses

  • Unique construction with Echelle grating – resolution 0,14 cm-1
  • Combination of 3D laser, 3D luminiscence and 3D Raman microscopy in a single system

Full laser automation

  • Automatic laser exchange
  • Motorized beam expander (zoom 1,8 -7,2x) – always automatically sets optimal beam shape according to the laser and objective used – maximization of energetic permeability
  • Motorized setting of polarizer both in emission and excitation channel depending on the wavelength of the used laser
  • Motorized setting of confocal aperture shape

Ability to measure large samples with extremely high resolution

  • Automatic stitching together of galvanometric scans (1000x1000 points) and motorized table movement

High energy throughput allows:

  • Use of short integration times and thus fast sample scanning (important for maps with high resolution – high point count)
  • Allows the use of low energy lasers – important for biological samples, fotosensitive and thermally unstable samples

Further information on manufacturers website.

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