This is a unique Raman spectrometer from Thermo Scientific company (USA), designed for quick identification of banned narcotics without direct contact, that measures through transparent plastic and glass containers, minimizes the risk of contamination and preserves the evidence (nondestructive analysis). Simple test allows identification of wide spectrum of narcotics and provides clear and definitive results. The instrument is light and very simple to operate. TruNarc easily identifies not just narcotics, but stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and analgesics. Apart from all key drugs (methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin), it is possible to analyze common masking agents, their precursors and moreover the new synthetic drugs, so called "designer drugs", such as different derivatives of cathinon (i.e. mephedron, also called 4-methylmethacathinon. 4-MMC or memfepramom, dimethylcathinon, INN) or synthetic canabinoids "JWH" type or naphyron (also called naphtylpyrovaleron, NRG-1, Energy 1).

Library with new substances is constantly being suplemented. At this time it contains about 600 substances (narcotics, precursors and masking agents). If you are interested in current list, please contact us.

Lifetime database upgrade of the instrument is free, which means the instrument allows the security forces to quickly react to changing conditions on the drug scene, unlike the commonly used NIK tests. This technique offers numerous advantages, when compared to these and similar tests: the operator does not come into contact with aggressive chemicals, one quick analysis gives us unambiguous result for whole spectrum of analyzed substances plus the result´s reliability is on the level of laboratory techniques.

Technical parameters:

  • Weight 570 g
  • Dimensions 16,3 x 10,4 x 5,1 cm
  • Library: over 60 narcotics, 80 masking agents and precursors
  • Battery and power: 3,7V Lithium Ion battery (10 hours), AC adapter, optional car power source
  • Operating temperature: -10 to +50 °C
  • Data export format: CSV, Excel, SPC or PDF file
  • Connection to USB through microUSB

Police, customs and other security forces can easily and quickly identify different narcotics and their precursors with TruNarc, just with one step, without danger of sample contamination. Results can’t be manipulated, because they are automatically saved into internal memory of the instrument, with date and time and all the internal instrument tests included. After connecting the instrument to PC, it is possible to work with these results and very easily and quickly print reports.

TruNarc is currently the only solution able to react effectively to quickly rising number of “new” drugs and it seems to be a good supplement of the currently used NIK tests. Moreover it identifies tens of types of narcotics in a single test. It give the police clear and definitive results of identification, that require no further identification by user. It is nondestructive analysis, that preserves all the evidence. Thus it allows to detain suspect person immediately and leads to acceleration of the prosecution.

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